• cast guard warehouse shade
  • the ventilator stem mount
  • metro diner angle shade gooseneck
  • restaurant lighting
  • capped aries shade
  • deep bowl lighting
  • surface mount vapor jar
  • Classic Saucer Vapor Jar
  • angle shade
  • warehouse shade goosenecks
  • warehouse shades stem mounted
  • pieology pizza
  • warehouse shade wall lights
  • deep bowl warehouse shades
  • custom lighting
  • Classic Deep Bowl

    One of our most versatile designs, the Classic Deep Bowl collection beautifully complements just about any interior or exterior application.
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  • Hatted Saucer Vapor Jar

    The highly-customizable Hatted Saucer Vapor Jar design creates a coastal atmosphere that is laid back, yet sophisticated. See for yourself!
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  • Ventilator

    Unorthodox and eye-catching, the Ventilator collection can complement rugged and modern settings alike with a simple change of finish.
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  • Armed Aries

    Though more practical than decorative, the Armed Aries is still a low bay fixture with style. Numerous finishes and lenses are available.
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  • Wall Mounts

    Whether you need several feet of projection or just several inches, we have a wall mount that is sure to suit your application. Click here to browse.

  • Warehouse Style

    Our Curved Warehouse Shade is a great choice if you like our Classic Warehouse look, but need just a hint of modern elegance. Click here to browse.

  • Light the Path

    From restaurant entrances to residential driveways, our post lights lend class to any location, with plenty of room for customization. Click here to browse.

  • Stellar Chandeliers

    Designs ranging from glimmering aristocratic to laid-back coastal ensure that you have the ideal centerpiece for your interior. Click here to browse.

Lights Made Right

Hi-Lite Manufacturing Company has been in business since 1959. It is family-owned and operated by Mrs. Ohai and her two sons, Jeffrey L. Ohai and Reynolds Ohai II. Born of ingenuity and ambition, Hi-Lite achieved success through attention to detail and a firm determination to only manufacture the highest quality products. Specializing in RLM lights, Hi-Lite has built its reputation as a premier lighting manufacturer by using only the finest raw materials to craft inspirational designs, all while providing unparalleled service.

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