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Angle Shade Gooseneck Lighting

  • H-18107, Height-8”, Width-7” (Available for 200W max INC, 32W max Compact  Fluorescent, 100W max MH, 100W max HP, or GU24 BASE)
  • H-18110, Height-10 ½”,Width-10” (Available for 200W max INC, 57W max Compact   Fluorescent, 175W max MH, 150W max HP, 20W LED max, or GU24 BASE)
  • H-18112, Height-12”, Width-12” (Available for 200W max INC, 57W max CFL, 175W max MH, 150W max HP, 30W LED max, or GU24 BASE)
  • H-18114, Height-14 ½”, Width-14” (Available for 200W max INC, 57W max Compact  Fluorescent, 175W max MH, 150W max HP, 30W LED max, or GU24 BASE)


The Angle Shade Gooseneck Lighting Collection

Just as its name implies, The Angle Shade Gooseneck Lighting Collection features slanted lights that are often used for restaurant and sign lighting, as they are great for highlighting signs and artwork. These fixtures are available in a number of sizes, and they also suit a variety of mounts.   Mounting options include: stems, flush mounts, and a selection of arm styles.  Opt for a mixing and matching of colors to give them a more unconventional appearance, or give them a low-key appearance with standard tones like Black or Galvanized steel.  Accessorize your Angle Shades with cast guards, wire guards, globes, and glass.  Fluorescent and LED options are also available. If you like these angle shades, research shows that you'll love our entire commercial industrial lights collection.  


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