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Cylinder Ceiling Lights

  • H-16034 Height-9”, Width-10” (Available for 200W max INC, 1-42W or 2-32W max CFL, 100W max MH, 100W max HP, 20W max LED, or GU24 BASE)
  • H-16036 Height-11”, Width-12” (Available for 200W max INC, 1-2 42W or 1-57W max CFL, 100W max MH, 100W max HP, 30W max LED, or GU24 BASE)
  • H-16038 Height-14”, Width-16” (Available for 200W max INC, 1-3 42W or 1-2 57W max CFL, 175W max MH, 150W max HP, 30W max LED, or GU24 BASE)


Cylinder Ceiling Lights | Pendant Lighting by Hi-Lite Mfg.

Pendant lighting is one of our many lighting passions here at Hi-Lite Mfg! If you're looking for contemporary pendant lighting, then our Cylinder lights certainly fit the bill! Their simple yet elegant design makes them perfect statement pieces to any room. Choose from our three sizes, and also select all of your specifications. Since we at Hi-Lite Mfg. love to give our customers plenty of choices, also remember that we have a variety of lamping options, including LED.

Since you are absolutely smitten by this cylinder pendant, take a look at our Elongated Cylinder, which is just as chic!


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