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Saucer Vapor Jar Shade

  • H-MNCGU-10-RG-1-A, Height-12”, Width-10”(Available for 100W max INC, 26W max CFL, 100W max MH, 100W max HP, or GU24 BASE)
  • H-CGU-10-RG-1-A, Height-13”, Width-10” (Available for 100W max INC, 32W max CFL, 100W max MH, 100W max HP, 20W max LED, or GU24 BASE)
  • H-LCGU-14-RG-1-A, Height-16”, Width-13” (Available for 200W max INC, 57W max CFL, 175W max MH, 150W max HP, 30W max LED, or GU24 BASE)


Saucer Vapor Jar: Pendant Lighting with Charm

Whether you want to hang a group of these in your living room, or whether you want to hang a single pendant in your bathroom, the Cord-Hung Saucer Jelly Jar Shade will fulfill any of your commercial or residential lighting needs--and it will do it in charming style! This pretty pendant comes in 3 sizes. Select your cord color (gray, white, or black) as well as your cord's length. Standard cord length is 8', but feel free to choose a custom length. Flexible tubing is also available. Fixture and glass colors can be modified per specifications. Select your wattage and lamp preferences. Choose from incandescent, fluorescent, HID, or LED lamp options.  If you love this fixture, but prefer a wall sconce, take a gander at our Saucer Vapor Jar Sconces.


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